Every Monday, Pat Bhava brings you interviews with everyone from School Superintendents to Safety Officers to well-regarded thought Leaders in the Education space who share actionable advice to help your School District thrive.

We cover the latest trends in education to make sure you and your district stay ahead of the curve and also share battle-tested strategies from superintendents who have been through it all.

If you’re tired of hearing advice that is long on theory and short on practical, hands-on tips, then you’re in the right place.

Pat Bhava


Former Naval fighter pilot & combat diver, now an EdTech Entrepreneur and school safety advocate


Sponsor of The Education Leader Podcast

PikMyKid is the First and Only Comprehensive School Safety Platform that ensures Student Safety, Increases Teacher efficiency while engaging >85% parents and reducing traffic around schools. 

PikMyKid provides cloud based software tools to manage daily dismissals, Emergency notifications, Absentee & Visitor management, schools bus alerts, versatile teacher-parent communication platform and much more.

PikMyKid is currently live in over 25 states in the US and three other countries with over 400,000 users.

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